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Costruzioni Milano, Monza Brianza

Innovation, research and technology

Redaelli Costruzioni Milano

Founded in 1954 by Giordano Augusto Redaelli, Redaelli Construction has always worked to the criteria of maximum quality, efficiency and intelligence, choosing equipment and building materials and keeping an eye on the most innovative solutions.

Redaelli Construction was one of the first companies in Italy to use an automated concrete plant for the production of concrete, using large cranes (made in Italy back then, by a single producer), and making use of pre-cast pre-stressed concrete roofs - an absolute novelty during the "economic boom".

Redaelli Construction is today run by the descendants of the founder who are sensitive to the themes of ecology, the environmental and energy conservation, giving this family business a way ahead to the future.

Redaelli Construction designs and makes buildings that are highly energy efficient, using cutting edge materials and technology. The solutions proposed by Redaelli Construction guarantee to minimize consumption and optimize the energy efficiency of the entire building and to considerably reduce running costs.

As further proof of their sensitivity to environmental themes and technological research, the company has installed in their headquarters a photovoltaic system of 60kW that is capable of providing a large part of the energy required to keep the offices running, considerably reducing emission in the atmosphere.

Redaelli Construction (1954-2004) 50 years of activity

On the 29th of march 2007, to celebrate its 50 years in business, an inauguration ceremony was head to open the new headquarters of Redaelli Construction SpA in via Remo Brambilla 16, Concorezzo (MB), organized by the family, Cesare, Flavia, Pierluigi and Giovanni Luca Redaelli for their father Giordano "Augusto" and their mother Piera.

A positive reaction from the public: around 400 guests including local government representatives, among which the mayor of Concorezzo, representatives from the police forces of Monza and Vimercate and the parish priest of the small Brianza town, who opened the event with a blessing of the new office.

The guests visited the two floors of the building and the storeroom, taking in technical solutions aimed at energy conservation, the use of space, the plant design, the lighting technology and the elegant choice of interiors, the result of the work of a number of different design companies. Adding to the atmosphere of the evening was a jazz group from the prestigious Civic Music School of Milan.

Each guest at the end of the reception, around 11pm, was presented with a gift of a celebratory book entitled "A Building Site 50 years long", the history of Redaelli Construction: a series of photos and anecdotes set in the larger context of Italian history, from fact to rarities, events, reports and memories.