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News: Concorezzo (MB) - Hotel Development

We will develop a multi-function building with a strong contemporary design imprint where the use of the latest advances in technology and high quality,

News: Vimercate (MB) - Historic center

Right in the middle of the historic centre of Vimercate we will be developing two elegant residential buildings at 4 Via Vittorio Emanuele, and another on the corner of via Pinamonte and Via Carducci.

Construction with Passion

Edilizia civile industriale Monza Brianza

Redaelli Construction contributes to the Italian building industries, both civil and industrial, with passion, dedication and technology.
In Lombardy, and particularly in the area north of Milan, numerous works have been completed in the course of our existence:

- Residential complexes
- houses and apartments
- duplexes and terraced houses
- Industrial warehouses
- tourist developments
- shops

Scultura_Alex Corno

Forward-thinking, Innovation

Affitto vendita appartamenti Milano

Founded in 1954 by Giordano Augusto Redaelli, Redaelli Costruzioni has always sought the most up to date solutions to carry out work with maximum quality, efficiency and intelligence.
The buildings are highly energy efficient, planned and built respecting the criteria of high environmental sustainability, thanks mainly to the use of cutting edge materials and technical solutions that look towards the future, minimizing consumption and optimizing the energy performance of the entire building.

Milan, Monza and Brianza

Affitto vendita ville Milano

Redaelli Construction works in the Milan region and is involved in construction, sales and rental of apartments, houses, condominiums as well as properties for commercial and tertiary use, with utmost attention to quality, following closely every phase of the work.